Yo! This is Msslslife!

Yo! This is Msslslife!

Mensagempor Mohammad Saleh em 11 Fev 2010, 20:57

Hello All first of all sorry if the topic in the wrong section (frekin noob in forums lol)

This is Mssslife from Saudi Arabia :)

I am happy to be between you guys and I hope I can be a helpful person with my contributing in this forum

Looking forward to see some replies

At last hope you accept me as a new welcomed friends here :)

And yeah thanks for having me ^^

Mohammad Saleh
Mohammad Saleh
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Re: Yo! This is Msslslife!

Mensagempor Bombom Tii em 13 Fev 2010, 00:04

Welcome Mohammad :)

If you some help, send a mp for the red members :)

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