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SATURDAY - FLASH MOB PORTO - 7 November 2009

Miguel Bombarda Street at 17:00 sharp.

Synchronize your watch by the clock television news program of RTP1 , Channel 1 of the Portuguese TV.

The rules are ... Hmm .. Well .. Technically there are not many rules ...
Basically, synchronize watches, preferably before going to freeze (but not preferred) and take into account that the freeze will last 5 minutes.

When the exact time each one of us will be stopped in time, and, very importantly, maintain the pose with dignity and not fall apart laughing.
For the effect is even greater. I know it's hard, but deep down I know you are capable!

Then when the time runs out, each will resume running normally as if nothing had happened.

Ah And everyone knows the exact and final without having to look for others to use, for example, alarm clocks and mobile phones on vibrate mode. Or another reliable alternative to your choice.

Depending on the number of people who appear, the "spread" of the group down the street will be different. If we are of course many that can occupy positions along the whole street. But if we few, we have to concentrate on a point on the street.

Already know, come out and have a memorable experience, fun and very environmentally friendly!
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